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We are a newly formed raiding guild on eu server Lightning's Blade. Our aim is to be successful and clear all the raiding content, whilst enjoying the game in a mature environment.
Qae and some of the other members have been playing world of warcraft for over 5 years and have seen many hours of raiding time through vanilla to WOTLK. We are not like alot of other guilds and players that focus purely on Gearscore over 'best in slot', skills and experience.
Requirements for lnsomnia members are:
    • You want to raid, and you show this interest in making the most out of your gear and class.
    • You are 18+, control your own bedtimes, and can raid 20:00-24:00. If you are invited to a raid then leave mid raid due to wipes, arguments etc. this is not acceptable and will be removed from the guild.
    • Have Teamspeak 3 and a decent enough computer to not have to say "Sorry, I lagged out" every other boss.
    • We do have attendance requirements, we require our members to be able to attend minimum of 3 out of 5 raids each week. However, the more you show up, the less likely you are to sit out a raid. And at the other end of the scale, we will remove players who clearly have no real interest in raiding, and its their interest level that is stopping them from raiding, not their RL schedule.





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    Blood Queen down

    overdrive1, Aug 9, 10 3:12 AM.

    Blood Princes Down

    overdrive1, Aug 9, 10 3:09 AM.


    Putricide down

    overdrive1, Jul 17, 10 6:25 AM.

    Great Work Guys.

    Festergut & Rotface Down

    overdrive1, Jul 12, 10 5:15 AM.
    Our curse has finally broken! Well done people another two bosses down lets keep the great work up.


    ICC 10

    Qae1, Jul 6, 10 6:43 PM.

    Well since the raid was pretty much last minute I would like to congratulate Overdrives team for getting the first 4 bosses down in ICC 10. It proves that you dont need to have all the gear under sun to be able to get the first 4 down. Roll on Thursday when we can have another bash and hopefully go for 6/12 and to be continued later in the week.

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